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What is Grapheene?

Grapheene is an SDK for your application augmented with cryptographiccryptographic - The use of secure communication techniques to encrypt and decrypt electronically transmitted data. cloud services. With Grapheene and a few lines of code, you can encryptencrypt - To convert information or data into a cipher or code that cannot be understood. and decryptdecrypt - To make a coded or unclear message able to be understood. any type of data – like a message or a post, an image, the content of a form field, PII or personal health information.

Using Grapheene’s modern encryptionencryption - The method by which information is converted from its original format — called plaintext — into an unreadable format — called ciphertext — while it is being shared or transmitted. services you can protect your application data, whether in-transit or at-rest, on the server side or end-to-end between client devices.

Grapheene can be used to comply with user privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA or to protect your data if an attacker gains access to your systems or backup files.

Using Key RingKey Ring - A metaphor to represent the logical space to keep the master and the derived keys (pairs of public/private keys for each Member of the keyring). MemberMember - A metaphor to represent a pair of private/public keys. All Members in a Key Ring can decrypt content encrypted by members in the same Key Ring.s, you can easily and programmatically manage who – or what object in your code – can access the encrypted data. This is great for code reviews where you can clearly see the entity trying to decrypt data.

The Grapheene architecture is designed to leverage your local runtime to perform certain tasks and assist them from the cloud.

With Grapheene you can reach the goal of data security even if there is an unwanted system or cloud leak. This is the power of a well designed encryption system.