Introduction to the Grapheene Dashboard

A quick intro to navigating the Grapheene Dashboard.

The Grapheene Dashboard is where you can easily manage your Key Rings, add and remove user access, monitor activity and even perform encryption and decryption requests.

Accessing the Grapheene Dashboard

Grapheene will provide a direct link and first time credentials to the Dashboard for Grapheene users. To get started reach out to us here

Dashboard Login

Credentials will be your email registered with Grapheene and the password you create at first log in.


Forgot your Login?

Contact your Grapheene representative to reset your Dashboard credentials.

Dashboard Navigation

When logging into the Dashboard you will be brought to the Home page. Here you will see summaries of your keys, users, tokens and violations.

In the left hand menu you have the following navigation options:

  1. The hamburger menu that will collapse and expand the left navigation menu bar.
  2. The current Admin logged into the Dashboard.
  3. Key Rings - Where you will see your Key Ring summary and create new Key Rings.
  4. Users - Where you will see your user summary, add new users or modify existing user access.
  5. Activity- Where you will see the summary of your keys and a quick snap shot of their recent activity.
  6. Encrypt / Decrypt - Perform encryption and decryption easily right from the dashboard.
  7. Help & Support - Where you can search our support documents or contact us about something.
  8. Sign Out - When you are not actively using the Grapheene Dashboard be sure to sign out.

Key Rings

Here you will see a summary of your key rings. You can create a new Key Ring using the Add Key Ring button in the top right.

Add a Key Ring

  1. Click on Add Key Ring from the top right button.
  2. Enter the desired Key Ring Name.
  3. Click Save.

You will be brought back to the main Key Ring page and your new Key Ring will be visible within the listing of Key Rings.

View a Key Ring Details

When you click on an existing Key Ring you will be brought to the Key Rings overview page. Here you can see details such as how many keys are contained in the key ring and what users have access to this key ring. From within the key ring you can also click View Activity to see all activity for the key ring you are viewing.


On the Users page you will be able to manage each persons API Key access. These users will not have access to the Dashboard. This user management feature currently manages API Key access only.

The page displays a listing of your active and disabled users. You can create a new User using the Add User button in the top right.

  • Users will not be deleted from the system but rather have their access Disabled. This ensures historical logs pertaining to the users actions are always available.

Adding a New User

  1. Click on Add User in the top right.
  2. Enter the information needed to create the new user.
  1. Click Save

Managing Existing Users

By viewing a User you will see the Key Rings in which the User has been provided access to. You can also see which Key Rings have been disabled from accessing.

  1. Edit - Modify this users information.
  2. View Activity - View all activity related to this user and their API Keys.
  3. Add API Key - Add a new API Key for this user.
  4. API Keys - A listing of Key Rings the user has API Key access to. You can modify the API Key or Disable it. By expanding an API Key you have access to modify the API Key's Key Ring Permissions.

Adding a New API Key to a User

  1. Click on the User you want to add an API Key for and click Add API Key on the right hand side.
  1. Enter the information needed to create the new API Key.
  1. API Key Source Label - The name of the API Key
  2. Set the Users Admin Settings as needed. This will identify what they can and cannot do pertaining to the Key Rings.
  3. Provide the necessary Key Ring Settings.
    • You can add permissions for all All Key Rings or select multiple specific Key Rings to provide access to by clicking the + sign next to the key ring. If needed you can always add access to more Keys later.
      • Be sure to select all actions you want to allow the user to be able to perform for each Key Ring.
  4. Click Save.
  5. You will be displayed the Key the User will need for interacting with Grapheene services. Click Copy and save the key in a safe place!
  1. Click Close.


Save your Key

This is the only time the key will be provided. You will not be able to see it again once you navigate from this page.

Disable an API Key for a User

  1. Click on a User you want to disable access for.
  2. Click on the slide to the far right to Disable the desired API Key.
  1. You will be presented with a confirmation window, click Confirm to proceed.
  1. The Users access will show a grey slid next to the API Key to indicate it is disabled.

Re-enable a Disabled API Key for a User

  1. Click on a User you want to re-enable an API Key for.
  2. Click on the slide to the far right to Enable the desired API Key.
  1. You will be presented with a confirmation window, click Confirm to proceed.
  1. The Users access will be reinstated and show the option to Disable.


The Activity page displays an overview of service usage by hour for the last 24 hours.

  • The filters at the top right of the page will allow you to narrow down results by specific user or Key Ring.

To see insights for a specific activity, click the View Detail button within that activities module.

On the Details page of a specific activity you will see logs for the specific activity usage.

  • To return to the main activity page click Activity from menu navigation on the left.

Encrypt and Decrypt

Here you can easily execute encryption and decryption requests in 5 easy steps!

  1. Paste in your API Key.
  2. Select the Key Ring you want to encrypt or decrypt with.
  3. Select if you are encrypting or decrypting the data.
  4. Enter the data, either text or file.
    1. NOTE: At this time only one data type, either text or file, can be encrypted or decrypted per request. Uploading a file will disable the text section above.
  5. Click Submit.

When encrypting data the Dashboard will be provide the encrypted data back to you. Be sure to copy and save this for decrypting later.


Incorrect API Keys when Decrypting

If you attempt to decrypt encrypted data with an API Key and Key Ring combination that was not used to encrypt the data you will be presented with the below error.

Ensure you are using the same API Key and Key Ring to decrypt as you did when you encrypted the data.

Help and Support

The Help and Support page provides you quick access to our helpful documentation and our Support Team.